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Pinup Poetry: “My Retro Revolution”

Retro Women

“My Retro Revolution”

by Nicole Henares (Aurelia Lorca)

(My body is my body.
I do with it what I want.
The gaze is for me.)

Polka dots and full circle skirts.
Flower prints, cherries,
Mary Blair’s golden book kittens.
Are such things too much
to be worthy of language?

  Too visceral, yes,
   too silly
to imagine it anything else than
what I feel, my sense of it,
 the textured delight.
There is no need for metaphor-
 only touch that exceeds it.

(A well designed dress speaks as much truth and beauty
 as well designed poem. )

Yes, it is the feminine. Yes, it is the beautiful.
Yes, it is the innocent
which I wear without fear of shame or praise:

I know how to climb out of purgatory
without involving rosaries or wrestling with angels. )
 Oh, how did it happen? How did it happen?
The serpents wound around my hips,
 allowing flames to spark in my mouth.
I gave them free passage.
 I imagined fighting anyone off who dared to try and carry my halo.
I imagined slapping them hard.
 I imagined bitting the color off their red blooms.
But, it’s hard to be so hard.
But, it’s impossible to be soft.
The mirror has two faces so
I swallow all sorrow, strive to strip bitterness from my tongue,
 and wear retro and pretty like a weapon.

Nicole HenaresNicole Henares (Aurelia Lorca) is a poet, storyteller, and teacher who lives in San Francisco, California. She has her BA in English from UC Davis, her MFA in Writing and Consciousness from California Institute of Integral Studies, and is an alumna of the Voices of Our Nation Writing Workshops. Her work has appeared throughout the small press. She is interested in how Lorca’s duende, the duende of Andalusia and flamenco, is a cross cultural spirit.
Her website is